Feb 28, 2017

Power to Grow (Arrow Prayer)

Power to Grow

4/28/13 Arrow Prayer  Father, thank you for opening my eyes as I read this dog training book which points out to me not to "blame the dog," for the things it does because it simply has not learned yet, not to punish the dog, but to wait for the next time to teach with positive reinforcement.  It gives me a new way to look a people also in that most things people do are not with evil purpose, but rather simply that they are still growing in themselves also.  Every time my mind tries to blame others, please help it redirect towards You and my own failures and sins so that I may grow.

Pinching a Ribbon to Go Through Charm (Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial)

Lesson 90 of Course 2 is a video tutorial for pinching a ribbon so it looks realistic going through the circle of a charm.  There is a download of a sun charm on the class guide page for you to practice this technique.

Feb 27, 2017

God is great than . . .

God >; My fears
God >; My insecurities
God >; My worry
God >; My everything

Stacked against you ... a quote

If the odds are stacked against you, just imagine they're pancakes. Smash on through. #MondayMotivation

Look up (an arrow prayer)

Look up 4.27.13 Arrow Prayer -- Father, as I await so anxiously to enjoy these beautiful Spring days, and sometimes they get messed up with a little rain, I am reminded how much I enjoy just laying down on the ground, no matter where I'm at, and looking up and enjoying Your creation.  Whether it be under trees at the park, vines at the vineyard, buildings in the city, bushes in my yard, rain from under my canopy, flowering trees at a museum, or clouds over the grocery store, there is Your glory everywhere.  Everything always seems to look better when looking up.   Thanks for reminding me to stop looking at my feet and where I'm going from time to time and to look up at You, and breathe it in for a moment.

Luke 21:28  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

A Few Hymns for Those who Speed on the Highway

45 mph

...God Will Take Care of You

55 mph

...Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

65 mph

...Nearer My God to Thee

75 mph

...Nearer Still Nearer

85 mph

...This World Is Not My Home

95 mph

...Lord, I'm Coming Home

and over 100 mph

...Precious Memories