Oct 21, 2016

Look! Some awesome mixed media borders!

Want to know how I make a lot of my graphics? I use a lot of great digital scrapbooking stash to make it easier. I used Vicki's new borders in today's Bible reading image (here) . I get a lot of them at The Lilypad, but I've always loved Vicki's products and asked her to make some for me and she did! I'd love to see what you do with them. The borders make Digital Bible Journaling so easy to do. It allows you to focus on your Bible notes and the scripture longer. The borders are only $3 and you can recolor them or turn them (like I do) to make them new for another page.
Digital Bible Journaling John 4_1-26

Here's her store: http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/Vicki-Robinson/

Now go buy them so it will encourage her to make more for me to keep this task easier of sharing scripture reading notes every work week day! Please! 

Oct 20, 2016

Magnifying Glass Tutorial and Free Download

I love Course 2 as it is an inspiration for every layout, in addition to learning. If I were just beginning to scrap, this is what I would want. I wish someone had offered it to me.

Click to Lesson 80 is on how to make a magnifying glass realistic when in use.

Here is my quick and easy layout. It took longer to make the magnifying glass than it did to make the layout, so I've done all the hard work for you!

Oct 19, 2016

Coffee Mug freebie & Designer Shape Tool Tutorial

Click here to find download and watch TUTORIAL

This is a video for the designer detailing how to use the shape tool to make shapes.  I made this shape while recording the video and I thought it turned out nice, so I finished it off with texture, color, dodging, and burning so I could share it as a freebie for you.