Hybrid Scrapbook Album - Digi + Traditional

While hanging out in Hummie's room last night, we took the opportunity to look through each other's digital scrapbook albums. It was really neat (and inspiring) to see in person how other digi-scrappers had done their layouts, and arranged them in albums, whether printed on home printers, at photo labs, or sending out to be printed as photo books.

Photobook printing options used were Shutterfly, Winkflash, and Artscow.

I shared another option - a hybrid scrapbook I made for my daughter. I created 8x8 digital layouts in PSE, then reduced the image size to 4x4. I created a blank 4x6 file, then dragged each 4x4 layout onto it, and had the 4x6 images printed at WalMart. Once printed, I cropped off the extra 2" of white photo paper, leaving just the 4x4 layout. I painted a plain 5x5 board book with acrylic paint, then adhered the layouts to each page. Voila! A hybrid scrapbook album!

I put together a video of the album last year, so I'll post it here, to help you visualize the result. (be sure to watch till the end for a quick little message from my daughter - she's so cute!)

The other digi-gatherers seemed to like the idea of this album. It's great for gift albums!


Hummie said…
Awww...that's great! I liked seeing your daughter at the end.
Linda said…
This is just the neatest idea! Love it!!
Dealing Daily said…
Love to see this but the video does not seem to work! :(
Dealing Daily said…
Weird...but good...I went back to the page and it worked...really cute Idea! Love it!

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