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I know it may be old news to you by now, but IkeaGoddess announced on December 17, 2009, that she would no longer be a Freebie Hunter. I think it rocked the worlds of many people, both those who benefited from downloading her finds and those who were shared by her (like me) who will no longer get the traffic from her blog.

It is a little sad to me. Mostly because I think of her and how in r ealility, she was sort of taken advantage of. People took her for granted. I cannot imagine how much work that must have been for her to keep those freebie lists going for so long (3 years). They were selectfully chosen, not like the computer generated lists like Digifree (whom we appreciate so much too! -- not knocking computer generated lists, just pointing out the difference). The digital scrapbooking community will miss her greatly. She provided a wonderful service and touched the lives of more people than she can ever imagine. She will forever be a part of the digi-history.

There are some new sites emerging in efforts to replace what we miss now at Ikeagoddess.

Here is my linkroll for Freebie Hunters. I went through and removed those that were no longer hunting and added new ones.

I've thought about sharing freebies I find and linking you up on my blog, but am not sure I want to get into it. I would be very selective because I download very few things. I would only share things that I download and choose to keep myself. My list would probably be much smaller than any of the other sites that offer lists. I use very few things on my pages and, therefore, download very few items.

In addition, I never have time to look for freebies and to find the time to search for them would be difficult.

Then there is the possibility of offending someone when I do not post their freebie.

Then there would be all the e-mails of people asking me to share their freebies that I would have to surf through.

What do you all think? Do you want me to try to post some or should I just not get into it? Do you want to know my opinions of what I consider something useful and high quality for me. Do you really value my opinions that much?

For starters (in case I start) here is one that I found from Bren Boone. She has been around a very long time and is well known. She indicates that she is coming back to designing.


Kathi B said…
Thanks for the list. I have also begun a freebie hunting site. All Things Digital Scrapbooking. I hope to be able to provide high quality freebies just as Ikeagoddess did.
Sue said…
Thanks for sharing your lists --- very helpful! Mentioning a special freebie, as you did today, is wonderful. As for starting your own list, wouldn't that take a lot of time?
tracy said…
Oh hummie! I also feel your sentiment. When she begun to post less I started to realized how important she is and her hand picked list. So I decided to make a short list in my rss then friends started asking me on my facebook how I made my beautiful layouts and asking if I could teach them. So I did. Just the basic stuff. Then they ask me where did I got my freebies. that begun the idea of creating a blog where I can post the list in my rss. The freebie site: go on for a month already because it was mainly for my friends and somehow others find it. :)
Hummie you already have enough on your plate! I'm being selfish cause I would rather you take time doing video tutuorials! But also care enough to say don't spread yourself to thin cause then you will get burned out! Love ya to much not to give you my thoughts on it! Leave the freebie hunting to someone who has a passion for it.
Justasiam said…
Hummie, I really don't think you should start trying to list all the you said, it is much too time consuming and I think it would detract from the work you are already doing. I would appreciate your comment on a great freebie you've found, such as you did with Bren Boone. I would much prefer that. My motto is to do a few things exceptionally well rather than many things somewhat average (and then feel frustrated with the whole thing).
*Christie* said…
Thanks for putting me on here, I really really want to try to hold up the standard IkeaGoddess set. I am still hoping she'll get all her links working so I can add much much more. She did such a great job... I am trying :) I think it's completely up to you as to whether you want to feature freebies... do what feels right for YOU. :)

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