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What is that in my inbox!

The World is Your Playground

I think I should buy hubby these . . .

Remember my house rules? Always write it down for men -- still works . . .

Pinterest iPhone Ap -- read all about it!

How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market?

How to steal like an artist . . . is it okay?

You know. . .I love . . .

Two if by sea, two if by land . . .

Facebook Groups to be Archived

Learning how to travel . . .

Today's Layout Inspiration - Creative Titles

Today's Layout Inspiration - Photos on Top of Frames

Vacation planning is so much work!

Shot of my rose bush

Blogger (Google) comes through for me! Posts return!

Today's Layout Inspiration - Things on Lines

Metal Paper Freebie

Giving up -- but requesting anyway.

June Class Sponsor - Loucee Creations

Designer Class Shares

Today's Inspiration - Shapes Together Make Matting

Gallery Spotlight

Lunch is served!

Today's Inspiration