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Dangerous Websites - Guard your children

Barefoot Sandels

Today's Surprice . . . hubby is too creative!

How many layouts have you made in 2011?

Today's Surprise

Video Alert! Resizing for Galleries in six programs

Twitter Round-up

Layer Style (free for you)

Today's surprise

Netflix raises prices

Today's surprise . . . so sweet . . . and cheesy! Ah!

How I feel first thing in the morning

Mat with drop shadows freebie

My daily surprise today . . .

Google+ does not need Facebook "notes" . . .

Google Plus on the iPhone

See your Social Connections on Google

More Google Plus Helps

Digiscrap Map #12

Digiscrap Map - Tag Team Scrapping

Video of my flowers . . . it's SO hot outside!

Digiscrap Map on Photography

Digiscrap Map on Photography

Google Plus Nickname or Username

Blogger and Picasa to be renamed

Google Plus