Keepsakes Book

I woke up this morning and began to think what I wanted to do next, and then it hit me and I decided to go for it.

Can I do this? It is January 21 and there are 10 days left in the month and 31 challenges. The Lilypad Month of Challenges

Ummm! I'm sweating here!

But I want time for me. I've had such a hard time in recent months and I'm working 4 jobs right now that I just need some "me" time.

Just yesterday, hubby and I talked about having 3 sons and how they probably won't care about all this stuff around the house after we are gone that is from my ancestors. Stuff that is important to me.

That made me remember that I have always wanted to create a Shutterfly book of images of things I own and who they originally belonged to or who gave them to me.

That way at least my boys will know why the things were important to me in order to choose for their own what to keep and not keep. Some of this stuff in this house is not that important to me, but has always been here.

Oh, and I may have to text my Mom some photos to get details for some of this stuff. I need to do that before time gets away from me too!

Well... day 1... here I come!

I am wondering how big this book will get!  I may need more than 31 challenges.

Oh, and at first I could not think of a name for these.
Stuff? Um, no.
Belongings (what I first went with)
Sentimental?  Weird.
Keepsakes!  Ah!  That's it!  Okay, now to make a book cover.

Day 1 - a blind scrap challenge

Day 2 - use blending modes 3 times
I use blending modes all the time!  I did not get too creative with this one as I do sometimes.  The horse, sword, and knight are using the pin blending mode and I added a paper over the background, masked out the middle with a high feather on a selection, and used the soft light blending mode with a drop shadow to get the border around the page.
Keepsakes Coin


Tammy said…
Fun! I honestly didn't know The Lilypad was still around. I'm way out of the loop, obviously.
Hummie B said…
As long as you hang around with me, I'm good with that!

That's why I need to blog more too and get out and about, sharing in the digiworld.

My list on the site has gotten so short.

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