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I saw this crafty book for recording passwords and just loved the idea.  Well, as long as I did not care if my husband or anyone else who was in my house read my passwords or as long as I kept the book hidden.  It certainly would not be a book to display.  Click on the image source link to see the inside photos.

However, it would be interesting years later to see what passwords I used.  We all have our methods for coming up with passwords and why and how we created them.  Often it is some way we can relate to remember them.  I think making notes as to why we choose the password in the book would make this a memory keeper activity.

This could be done with digital scrappbooking supplies and printed out to glue down to the book.  That is the way I would have to do some of it.

For me, I keep my passwords digitally on my Outlook notes.  I'm not sure that is the safest way, but I do like having them on my phone to look up and the list is REALLY long!  I often consider options, but cannot come up with one.  A very small book like this one to fit in my purse might be a good idea... until someone steals my purse (knock on wood, I hope not!).

Share in the comments below how you keep your passwords and how you create them (without giving away your passwords of course!)


Scrappycath said…
Thanks for featuring my password organizer. I like you're idea of a memory keeping activity with the "why" behind your passwords. I keep my book in a secure place that only my family can access. I've always been afraid of storing them digitally since a hacker could get their hands on them. It's so difficult anymore to keep track of all the many passwords we need!
Hummie B said…
Glad to see you here Scrappycath. Warm fuzzies abound! I agree, hackers are scary. And we have so many passwords to keep track of!

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