Day 24 Fitness

Whew!  My one month promise to myself is nearing the end quickly.  I cannot believe I'm still on a roll and thank God for his strength.

The scale was down another exact 1 lb from yesterday and that just blew me away.  It seems my weight stays for many days, going up and down, not budging, and then it lets loose of some weight finally.  I'm at a 20.2 loss total (since my 2012 high weight).

Today was a difficult day for eating.  I had over ripe bananas I had to do something with, so hubby and I enjoyed baking together as we made a new recipe I found.  I did control myself and just eat a small slice and it was yummy.

Then I tried another recipe that is actually healthy, with just a smashed banana, old-fashioned dry oatmeal, and I added some dried plums.  Rolled into balls and microwaved for a few minutes, they were delish!  I wanted to eat them all!  But with control, I put half in the refrigerator a baggie for tomorrow.  I discovered they got firmer as they cooled, but I enjoyed the warmth of them too.  I am anxious to see how they taste chilled.

Then hubby and I worked on paperwork and other organizing as we continue this empty nester cut the clutter thing.  We are moving the papers in the file cabinet to plastic tubs and while doing so, going through and pitching/burning (a ton!) of papers and reorganizing the files.  Hubby has been filing for a few years now and everything was quite a mess.  We've only just begun this project, but it feels good to have progress and to get rid of more stuff.  The printer table went into the closet, and the whole closet was unpacked, washed down, and re-organized.

So by the time dinner came around, we were too tired to cook, so we made a cheap pizza.  I was good and only had two slices (1/4 pizza). Hubby did not think pizza would be enough and made some tater tots too!  Ack!  See, I do so much better without him creating unhealthy meals.  I did good and only had 9 tots which was a serving.

I had a craving for hubby's stove-top white popcorn, but somehow after it was made, partly because it was salted too much, I only ate a bit.  I also was thankful the urge to have wine from last night went away today.

I'm just under 1,000 calories for the day and I'm at 5,602 steps for the day.  Jogging in place at home seems to be getting easier.  I jogged in place several times today to get the steps up.


Bastet said…
Well done! Also trying to lose some weight. I have heard that popcorn is actually a healthier alternative to crisps (or chips), so long as you don't slather it with butter and salt.
Hummie B said…
I do add salt, but no butter.

I would love to have you report on the blog posts I make how you do each day.
Bastet said…
OK, I'm in. I think that maybe this will help both of us to reach our goals.
Hummie B said…
Yeah! Glad you are "in!" I did not get yesterday's blog post done, but will soon.

Be sure to comment on one of the fitness posts and tell me your goals and how you do each day.
Patricia Rouse said…
Since reading your posts about losing weight and fitness I have made a decision to join you. I started yesterday, did well. My problem is exercise. I have arthritis in both knees and plantar faschitis in my feet. It makes it very difficult to walk. I did try to walk 10 minutes today. I'm excited and really need to do this for my failing health.
Hummie B said…
Yeah, Pat! So glad you are joining in the fitness treck! Glad you had a good day.

The idea is to start somewhere and then try to do a little more or at least the same. You can do it! I have the same foot problem, with the heel spurs. When I am jogging in place off and on all day long, I am always having to stop because of my feet. It stinks that I could keep going with breathing, etc, but have to stop because my feet hurt. That is why I am spreading it out all day long in spurts here and there.

The idea is to just "move." Move more than you used to move. In any way you can move. Don't get hung up on how long at one time or what, just move! And count calories of course too.

Maybe just moving will help your arthritis. I understand moving, but not too much, is helpful. A fine line. So spread it out and move the arms alternating or something or other.

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