Fitness Day 21

Ack!  Disappointing scale.  Back up over a half a pound this morning.  I am not trusting my scale.  I think it recalibrates and then calculates me differently each day.  So I took a photo of the number on my old manual scale this morning, so I have something to compare it with in the future.  Yes, I snap a photo of my digital weight every morning. It looks so funny with my feet there in the photo.  Why?  Because I cannot remember what it says long enough to put it into MFP!  Ah!

Also, I had an experience with the Fitbit App.  In my photo I shared last night, it said I was under goal (yellow) and this morning when I woke up, it said I was over goal (red) for my yesterday.  Then a few hours later it said I was on target (green) for my yesterday.  What!  How can it change so much?

I learned from playing that it was not syncing well.  I found that if I double click on the home button on my phone, and swipe up to close out the app, then reopen the app, it syncs correctly.  My friends update only when I do this.

So maybe now I can get a better reading of the thing and use it better.  It did count my steps and sync with my Fitbit, but I do not think it was syncing with the Fitbit server via my phone and MFP well.

I'm really under on my food today and really up on my activity level.  I find myself running in place now and then all day long to get my steps up.  I even start huffing and puffing a bit, even if it is only for 5 minutes.  I was waiting for my eggs to hard boil and I was determined to run until they were done, but could not keep make that goal because not only my calves were burning (which I can handle), but the bottoms of my feet began to burn.  This as always been my crutch, my feet that is, for many years now, ever since I was diagnosed with heal spurs over 20 years ago.

Anyway, I'm feeling positive about the scale tomorrow.  It is a funny thing when I feel my face, around my chin and up my cheeks (as I often rest my chin in my hand with my elbow on the desk) and it feels different.  I've remembered this phenomenon before and it was always an indication of weight loss.   So, my weight always seems to come off my boobs first and then my face.  It's interesting.

I've hit my top steps so far at 5,605 today.  I only ate 591 calories today.  But that's okay.  I don't feel a need for more and it's been a hard day otherwise anyway.  I didn't feel like eating.

Looking forward to your comments below about your day.


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