Fitness Day 22

I knew it!  I could feel it in my skin on my face.  I've learned what it feels like when the pounds finally let loose.  Today both scales showed I was down (digital and 29 year old scale).  I am down 1.2 from two days ago and have a new 2015 low!  Whoo hooo! It's good to see a new number on the ticker.  Now THAT's encouraging.  Thanks God!

So for my self motivation:

MINI-GOAL! - My Dec 8, 2014 weight. DONE!
MINI-GOAL! Last "steady" low in Jan 2013, of 22.6 total lb loss. NEXT!
MINI-GOAL! My lowest since I started dieting in 2012 of a 24.4 lb loss on March 4, 2013.
MINI-GOAL! My ultimate goal will be within reach (31.6)!
So, I'm at 19.4 lb loss right now, so I've got 3.2 lbs to go until my next mini-goal is met and 12.2 pounds until my goal weight. Whew. I can do it!

I'm looking at my chart, if I can hold this for tomorrow's date of projected weight, I will be right in between the 1 week and 2 week chart figures.  I'm good with that!  Let's see what the morning brings.

Good day!  I'm at 5,630 steps.  I did some jogging in place and then some squats, forcing myself to get up to get over 5,000.   I got some steps in shopping for some fabric for my February curtains I will sew.

I ate well, but with low calories.  I feel free no longer being burdened thinking all the time I have to get to 1,000 calories.  I'm eating good food and feeling full and leaving it at that.  Who needs more stress?  Fitbit says I have a deficit of 487 calories today.  3,500 calories equals about 1 pound, so that is a long way to go to reach another 3,500 deficit (about 7 days!). How in the world do people really go up and down a pound or two in one day?

Well, how did you do today?  I hope well.


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