Fitness Day 26 - The Maniac

I was down another .2 today!  I'm happy happy!  Even the wine did not stop it.  Thank You, Lord, for what you are doing for me through this process.

I have to share this silly thing.  Flashdance is one of my all-time favorite movies.   With my Fitbit, as I've shared in previous posts, I have a goal for 5,000 steps a day right now (soon be be raised) and I find myself running in place wherever I am.  I was even running in place waiting for hubby to get out of the bathroom at the hospital yesterday.  Yes, in the hallway, with people watching me.  Hey, it was some great conversation starter!

Hubby brought this up and now it is on my mind.  I feel like Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) in Flashdance during the song Maniac!  Yep!  The video is below, if you have not seen it.  I may have to start playing it while I run in place!  Ah!  I pretend I am getting skinnier and skinnier and looking like her.  If she can do it, I can!  Hey, if that was good exercise for her, it is good exercise for me.  Work it, baby!

Just imagine fat 'ol me really looks like this. I did at one time in my life.  Why not now?  It's all in the imagination. Giggle

I'm extremely motivated right now, feeling positive, really reaching toward my goals, really wanting to be a "new me."  In cleaning on Saturday, rearranging some clothes, I found some rather old clothes I'd hung onto and I'm anxious to be able to try them on to see if they fit, especially as I grow closer and closer to my goal.

I ate well today, but somehow I ate right at the max of my calories on MFP.  That would have been just fine before I had my Fitbit, but my Fitbit app, having programed in a 2 pound loss a week, showed me as in the red.

Yellow is under budget, green is in the zone, and red is over budget.  So, although MFP was spot on, Fitbit said I was 170 over budget.  Here I was sitting with over 6,000 steps for the day feeling good, and yet I could not mess up my streak of good days.

I made a marinated garbanzo beans, tomato, cucumber, and feta cheese and had some on wheat crackers for dinner.  Healthy, right?  10 crackers were 233 calories and the mix was 212, being much more than I normally eat.   Lunch was 516 calories, which was all good food, but much more than normal because I had a dinner roll. 

I was determined and motivated.  After I finished my evening cleaning job, I came home and did my Flashdance impersonation!  I had to get the 170 calories burned!  Flashdance, complete with hands gliding on the thighs.  rotfl  Oh, I'm silly.  I would go for a while, then rest, then get up and go again.  I think at least 4 times I got my heart rate up and sweated.
Look what that did for me!  Wow!  9,221 steps!  That is my new high for steps and I'm not sure I can do that too many days in a row, but it sure does make me feel successful.

Watch the scale be off in the morning.  It always seems when I'm working hard at the goals, the weight does not follow.  Only the morning will tell.
How did you do?  Share your goals and achievements with me in the comments.


Bastet said…
Happy for you that the scales are on the decline, even after those 2 pieces of fruit (hehe). I'm down 0.6kg from last weigh in but still up 0.7kg from lowest weight this month and long way from my goal of 20kg.

Love that you did your running in place whilst in a public venue. For all you know you just gave someone the motivation to do something nice for themselves,inspired them or gave them confidence to be themselves. And you exceeded your own goals - yeah you! and inspiring.

I think at one time we've all had a great body - maybe not flashdance (great movie) toned but great in our own ways none-the-less.

Today has been a frustrating and upsetting day for me - good eating habits out of the window, completely (sigh). Fridge did not get delivered and being hubbies birthday we had planned to go out for lunch, which was cancelled to be home for the fridge. So to try to make it up to him I baked a cake then filled and topped it with cream. Guess I'm not getting back on my good eating plan today.

Tomorrow is another day and I plan to be more focused on what I eat.

I'm sort of following the 5-2 eating plan. Where you have low calories with little to no processed food or carbohydrates 2 days a week. The remaining 5 days you eat your regular calorie intake. It's working when I don't over indulge and now I know I eat a lot of junk when I'm stressing out.

Your dinner sounded delicious. I have found a persian feta marinated in chilli that I adore as a dressing for my salads.

Don't let the scales dissolve your great motivation and work.
Hummie B said…
Being down is good for you! I can relate to stress being a trigger for eating. Recognizing that stress is the first start to battling that temptation though.

We recently went through some horrible long line of events in getting new appliances too. It was so horrible and such a long story there is no way I can even remember all the steps we took now.

In fact, we are still fighting to get it finished.

So I can relate on that stress you are going through. Hang in there.
I am down another 2 lbs.... and walking again.... last night I actually hurt myself, with some extreme squat reaches... If it hurts so much for 3-4 days afterwards that I don't walk much... it is too much. :)
Hummie B said…
I've been missing your comments Lori and was about ready to call you out in my next post. lol Wow! 2 more pounds! What is your total loss now, Lori. Yes, that is good hurt if it is from exercise!
Patricia Rouse said…
I'm just happy I have made it through 3 days (well almost....a few hours left). I am not following a specific diet but using my fitness pal app to keep up with caloric intake. My small amt of exercise doesn't help. But although I've been fully satisfied I haven't reached 1000 calories per day and I had set 1200 calories as my goal. I keep getting (You're not eating enough) from the app. Try to eat something else a little later to reach over 1000 at least.
Hummie B said…
Pat, that is what happens to me! I'm trying to not let it bother me and to just eat what I feel is right, even if it is not 1,000

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