Fitness Day 25

Yesterday, Sunday, I was down another .2 and that made me happy, especially after the pizza on Saturday, although I was under calories, so I'm not sure why I was worried.  It is always confirming when I have 3 or so days in a row with a lower weight.  I never believe it unless it stays down.  No trust I guess.

For self-motivation yesterday, I was observing the report on my iPhone My Fitness Pal app.  This is a graphic from 2012 to the present day (I redacted in black my weight!).  You can see how it took me 6 months to loose my initial weight until I gave up around March in 2013, not being able to make the scale go down for an entire month and working out really hard.

Then my weight slowly gained, especially after I injured my knee in Nov 2013 and could not do much for an entire year in the exercise department.

Now I am on a steady decline again, trying to get back down to just below that line where I was at my lowest for a day or two.  However, I am almost to the bottom line where I had maintained a weight lower weight for a good period of time.

Here is a graphic on the MFP website for the last 180 days.  I find it strange that I cannot get a lifetime view on the site like I can on my iPhone app.  You can see a drop in weight in November and December last year when I had a very difficult time with life and then a back up in weight during the holidays to begin the new year right were I was before.  Now I am weighing daily so there are a lot more "points" on the graph and we can see a steady decline.  Yeah!

I ate well yesterday and I also got in over my 5,000 steps.  Yeah!
Except at the end of the day I did have two glasses of blueberry wine, but even with the wine, I was much under on my calories, so I am hopeful that it did not do too much damage.  I think it has been 3 1/2 weeks since I last had a glass of wine and probably will be a while before I have another.


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