Fitness Day 27 & 28

Still here, still hanging on. The last few days I've been in a rut. I think I just needed a "brain break" from all this thinking on willpower. Maybe you missed me posting reports for the last two days?

I did do some binge eating on these breakfast bars in my desk drawer in the afternoon the last two days.  I think that de-motivated me too.  I could not get my umph up to work on my Fitbit steps.  I did not check my weight either, so I really had nothing to report.  I only half logged my food.  I don't think I ate all that bad though overall.  The binge actually replaced my dinner.  I even drank water all day instead of tea.

Maybe my body and mind was telling me it needed a break.

I checked my weight today. I am still okay on weight from about 5-7 days ago. So it's time to get back to this.  

I've got a very busy day ahead of me, but I'm hoping to post tonight, as usual, my report for today.  I have to work all day and then teach class tonight.  I'm usually exhausted after these days.

I believe a few more of you joined me on this adventure and journey just as I fell in my rut.  So how has everyone else been doing on their jounney?  Looking forward to your comments.


Bastet said…
Oh it can be a hard slog and yes I think we do need to take a break from all our commitments (including weight loss) occasionally. Sure did miss you.

I have actually been quite motivated with the food side of things since last posting. I'm not a great one for weighing myself daily but noticed 0.4kg down on last weight. Still over lowest weight for month but I will get there.

Thursday there was a morning tea at work (always a dangerous event to attend), however, I was strong and went along and only had cheese (Thursday is my salad day (ie veg and protein) on the 5-2 eating plan) so kept to the plan.

Friday I declined an invitation to eat cupcakes (homemade and very delicious looking) and an offer of a small bar of chocolate from my husband in the evening. Even though I can eat these items on a Friday I just didn't feel I needed to. Felt very satisfying once again being able to decline these items without feeling like I was denying myself.

I don't currently have an exercise plan - it is way to hot and humid for me to contemplate that, however, we have been getting air-conditioning quotes and I have told my husband I will start up the exercise once I have a comfortable environment to exercise in. It will help with some muscular issues - feet, neck and back and I'm looking forward to doing something for myself towards improving my fitness.
Hummie B said…
Good for you for resisting the temptation of cupcakes! Morning tea? That sounds wonderful. What do they have besides tea?

Maybe you will be able to think of some simple exercise. Any movement is helpful.
Bastet said…
Surprisingly morning tea rarely includes tea! Usually cakes, biscuits, cheese and crackers and sometimes fruit, tea/coffee/drink is usually BYO. They have them fairly regularly at work when people move teams or have a special event. It means learning to say no, which for a long time I found too hard to do.

I park my car in the local park near work (to avoid paying $20 a day for parking) so get about 10 minutes each way walking and it's down hill and up hill each way. I was using a Wii exercise program (EA fitness) I actually really enjoy which averages about 20 mins a session and does 2 days on 1 day off.

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