Fitness Day 29

Here I am, behind on my blogging again about fitness.

Yesterday I did not eat too much, but did not eat bad stuff.  I got in over 6,000 steps just from my busy day.  I worked all day, then taught class in the evening, and then took an uncle to visit his sister, an aunt, at the hospital, as she is not expected to live much longer.  I did not get home until 10:30 at night and then watched the latest American Idol to wind down.

I am SO tired this morning!  I'm glad it is Friday.

I got on the scale this morning.

Yeppers, new 2015 low showed up today.

I am closing in on my last steady low of 22.6 loss and my lowest in 2012 of 24.4 lb loss.

I hope to blog more tonight for Day 30, but that is my Day 29 from yesterday.

How are you doing in your journey? Leave me a comment.


Bastet said…
Great achievement! It's nice to reach a new low (where weight is concerned).

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