Fitness Day 30

I was excited this morning when I got on the scale and I was down another pound!  Whoo hooo!  

I have 10.4 more pounds to go.  Thinking about how some people feel 10 pounds is so easy to loose, that is encouraging to see that number.

I am at a 21.4 total loss, so looking at my mini goal list below, I am only 1.2 pounds from the second "steady" mini-goal.  I could reach that hopefully by next week!

MINI-GOAL! - My Dec 8, 2014 weight. DONE!
MINI-GOAL! Last "steady" low in Jan 2013, of 22.6 total lb loss. NEXT!
MINI-GOAL! My lowest since I started dieting in 2012 of a 24.4 lb loss on March 4, 2013.
MINI-GOAL! My ultimate goal will be within reach (31.6)!
So, I'm at 19.4 lb loss right now, so I've got 3.2 lbs to go until my next mini-goal is met and 12.2 pounds until my goal weight. Whew. I can do it!

Looking at my projection chart, at 1 pound per week loss, I should be at 12 pounds left, and I'm closer to 10!  Whoo hooo! I'm still ahead of the 1 pound a week rate.  The two pounds a week loss projected weight for this date is 9 pounds, so I am not quite loosing two pounds a week, but somewhere in between one and two.

I love that I made this chart weeks ago.  It gives me perspective.  I recommend making one.

So, looking at my weight of January 2, 2015 when I started this journey until today, I've lost 8.4 pounds this month!  Wow!  It doesn't feel like that much, but it really is!  Wow!

I ate okay today, but I did not get in my 5,000 steps and have no motivation to do so.

After work I managed to muster up energy to sew the dog's February scarves and new kitchen curtains, but after that, I've been zoning on the computer catching up on some tv shows (online! love that cutting the cord!) and working on another tab in my browser on site stuff.  I cannot make myself get up and get steps in.  I hope it doesn't hurt me.

How did you do today?


Bastet said…
I had to see what 1 pound equaled in kilos (it's about 0.45). My aim is 0.5kg a week, so is on par with 1 pound.

I haven't been at at as long as you Hummie, so still settling in to a routine. I started in late Nov or early Dec then let everything slide over the last few weeks, but back on track now (and thanks for the motivation). I need/want to lose 18.5 kg which puts me near the upper end of the healthy weight range for my height (which is short 5ft 2in or about 157 cm) .

I also have mini goals
- first one is to lose 0.5kg which puts me at mini goal weight and not go back over it
- second mini goal is to lose 3kg
- I think the 3rd mini goal will be to lose 5 kg - then I only have another 10kg to lose on that.

I track my weight when I weigh in on my phone app and then because it doesn't give a great graph I also record it into the app on my tablet. I think it is nice to see the downward trend and I agree - it does give you perspective, it's so easy to lose sight of how well you've done if you don't track it.

You really haven't a lot left to go - and it shows us all that it's achievable. I now feel more accountable sharing the journey, and hope this maintains my focus to achieve my goal and maybe helps someone else with theirs, like you have done for me.
Hummie B said…
Bastet, I agree it is hard to think in kg vs. lb. I have trouble translating! Although there are converters online. Just type it in google search and it does it.

So you have .5, plus 3, plus 5, plus 10 to go. 18.5 more to go. That is 40.7855 pounds! Wow! That's a lot to me!

You can do it!

How much have you lost so far before today?
Bastet said…
Over the last 12 months about 5 kilos less than highest weight - maybe a couple of ups and downs but pretty steady weight level. Wasn't very serious about it so no real method. Now I have plans and goals - it is much easier.

It is a large amount and since there are weight related health issues in my family I need to do it.

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