How does the devil see you?

#First published April 22, 2010
How does the devil see you? Does he see you as a terrifying and mighty warrior of God or does he see you as a wimp he can whip in a minute?

The answer to that question depends on you. The children of Israel failed to enter the Promised Land. The key to their failure is found in these words: "And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in theirs." Number 13:33

If you're not strong in the Lord in your own sight, you need to change that. You need to get so full of God's Word and so full of the Holy Spirit that you walk around like a spiritual giant.

Turn the tables on the devil and let him find out what it feels like to be a grasshopper for a change.



anitab said…
What a good reminder, and perfect with the photo!!

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