"I'm Feeling more Connected Now"

This is a quote by Anita in a comment and I just had to share it on a blog post.  

I think that the vibe I am hearing regarding moving the forum to the blog is mostly positive (a few complainers, but change is always hard).  

I think her words speak clearly exactly how I was feeling and just could not resist sharing.

In life, we all need to make changes as life changes.  The forum and site have constantly changed to keep up with the changes on the internet.  At one time, having separate classes in the forum was a good thing because the forum was so active, I could not keep up, and with so many doing the same class at the same time, those scrappers doing those classes felt connected.

Now, there are fewer doing the challenges, some having done so many already and waiting on new ones, that there may be a sole person in a class thread area who feels rather lonely, except for those who come and comment on her layouts.

Consolidating to putting layouts in one place on a linky, for me at least, brings all the classes and the community back together.

In addition, as I've said before, vBulletin 5 stinks, and one of the reasons was that the "unread" posts did not work correctly anymore.  Many forum posts were missed.  In fact, many other features were missing that helped for readability.

Now, we have all the comments together in one place. Even if they are on different blog posts, you can see a list of them.  You can receive replies by email if you choose.  You can click on labels and read by topic.  You can put the blog comments in Feedly and read them all (which is what I do!) and click to reply.

People seem to be connecting on Facebook more and more in more ways and not in forums. 

I'm just glad to read someone else is feeling the same connection as I am feeling.  It is affirming for me.

Are you feeling more connected here?

Some quotes to think on.  Do you see any truths in them that relate to the above post?  Share your thoughts.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences
they've had and synthesize new things. Steve Jobs

The more social media we have, the more we think we're connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other. JR

Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They're keeping up with their friends and family, but they're also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They're connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It's almost a disadvantage if you're not on it now. Mark Zuckerberg

The arts, quite simply, nourish the soul. They sustain, comfort, inspire. There is nothing like that exquisite moment when you first discover the beauty of connecting with others in celebration of larger ideals and shared wisdom. Gordon Gee


Mary Ann said…
I agree with the the person who posted the positive thoughts on the change. I think this works better and is easier to keep up with.

Hummie, you do a great job of changing to keep current with how our lives and technology is changing and I appreciate all the effort and love you put into everything you do.
Hummie B said…
Thanks Mary Ann. Warm fuzzies abound!

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