Just saying . . .

Just saying, if I get one more of these error emails, I'm going to . . . to .... to. . . scream in my head out loud!

I cannot get stuff out of the forum fast enough.  Right now, I'm focusing on saving things to my laptop from the forum, as loosing the information and layouts is scary and I can always work on adding them to the guides later.  I've been working behind the scenes, but this will take a long time to do evenso.

You see the MySQL in the error?  That is the database that holds all the information.  If it should die, it all dies.  I cannot do this fast enough, but I have so much else to do in life too!  I pray it all holds together until I can retrieve it all.

I'm just thankful I am not yet once again trying to get help from vBulletin to solve the problem.  I've wasted enough of my life with them and this software.


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