Life with 4 Men - House Rule #10

*First posted 7/4/2008
This is the last of the house rules--that is--until I feel a new to create a new one! I hope you have enjoyed them.


No bathroom towels shall be left in a ball on the bedroom floors. First, the wet towels soak into the wood floor, thereby ruining the floor. Second, a towel in a ball on the floor cannot get enough air to effectively dry and, therefore, it begins to mold. Moldy towels stink. Moldy towels cause germs (and some people may have allergies to mold, who knows). Towels need to be hung on the shower door in order to dry out.

Therefore, I should always see five towels hanging in the bathroom. The yellow ones are mom’s. The blue ones are dad’s. All other towels are for the sons. However, do not use the beach towels for bathroom towels. Mom doesn't want to use a towel that you've wiped your penis with and you don’t want to use a towel she’s wiped her boobs with….let’s face it, everyone wants their own towel. (If I need to buy more towels, one color for each person, I will). When you have used your towel for several days, put it in the hamper and get out a new towel. I should never see more than five towels out at one time and I should always see five towels hanging in the bathroom, no more, nor less. I do not have the time to wash one load of towels a day. This is the way it’s been for the past umpteen years and I have no idea why you all have suddenly gotten a brain freeze.

If the rules are not followed, then the person disobeying will loose
t.v. for one week (or at least have to listen to the wrath of mom which I know you all hate).

Record Enforcement here:


Miss Chris said…
Now, that is funny!! Did it work?
Julie (It is.) said…
Ohhhhhhh so glad I had girls.
Michelle Potter said…
LOL, read them all! Great idea!

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