Life with 4 Men - House Rule #4

*First posted May 25, 2008
Thanks for all the comments on these rules! So, others have problems with men and toilets too? [giggle] Please remember that these house rules were something I opted for as the boys got older. I am sure there are methods of use that I used when they were younger that were more effective, but this has been the best way to communicate with them as teens.

This one was hung over the trash can. I am thinking I need to print it out and post it again as a reminder. Sigh.


If Mom sees you putting something in a full trash can and then walking away from it without emptying it (or if she sees your item was the last one thrown into the can), then you will be grounded for one day to your room.

Optional: This rule could be put into a duty roster by the male participants in this house.

Record Enforcement here:


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