Life with 4 Men - House Rule #5

*First published 5/26/08
This one actually worked for a while. Now we have a different system whereby they take turns and the sink must be empty before they go to bed or we will yank them out of bed from their deep sleep. The only problem is that we forget to enforce the rule.



If Mom finds you watching t.v. or playing on the computer at the same time as there are dirty dishes in the sink or clean dishes needing to be put away, then, naturally, this will result in a loss of t.v. privileges for one week.

P.S. This rule now applies to males of all ages. Everyone needs to learn how to wash dishes. You are all old enough.

Record Enforcement here:


ChrisA (Chreamps at DST) said…
Hummie, I've so enjoyed your House Rules but I think my men would just laugh at mine!
Julie (It is.) said…
I would SO be in trouble at your house! Especially being my sink is FULL of dishes right now and I have NO INTENTION of doing anything with them 'til morning! (LATE morning!)

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