Life with 4 Men - House Rule #6

*First published 5/28/2008
Sigh. Isn't it something to shake your head at when a mom has to explain the reasoning and the whys of the rules over and over. I would love to teach them just once and they stick.

My men can eat cereal and milk faster than candy. It can be disheartening to continually find little balls of sweet stuff rolling about the counter-tops. Of course, no one admits they missed the bowl and did not pick up after themselves.

Does anyone else ever have this problem? I get outnumbered and just give up. Wiping it up is much easier than yelling for the responsible person to clean it up with no response.


If Mom finds cereal on the kitchen counter (which eventually rolls under the stove and could attract varmints), or any surface in the kitchen not wiped down after use (and the wash cloth rinsed and placed back in its location), then a whole house interrogation will occur until the culprit is found and appropriately punished.

Record Enforcement here:


ChrisA (Chreamps at DST) said…
So this is a common occurrence in your household, too? I just clean it up, also.

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