Question of the day... Measure Your Feet

Today is Measure Your Feet Day!

Why? No one knows.

What's the length of your feet? What's the width?


Hummie B said…
Well, Tammy, you didn't say shoe size, so does that mean I guess I need to get out a ruler? I'll have to be back for that!
Hummie B said…
I sure hope no one stops by and sees me measuring!

I had to put my foot on the floor and lay a ruler next to it and eye it.

Length is 8.5 inches

For width I did it across the ball of my foot.
Width is 3 inches

Now I'm really curious to have others measure theirs and post!
Dawn said…
Call me crazy, but I don't have a ruler here. I have a tape measure.... somewhere... but I'd have to have someone help me, cause I wouldn't be able to see it!

In the mean time, I wear a seze 12 wide shoe. Yes, you read right. 12. Just call me bigfoot. LOL!
Hummie B said…
I searched my whole blog and there was no mention of what that last comment was about, so I deleted it. Weird.

Dawn, go find a ruler. On paper:
Hummie B said…
Oh, I found what that person was mentioning. A video I used in another post. I deleted the video.
Dawn said…
Yeah, I would say that person was a robot, but they have to check the box to prove that they are not. So weird. Ahhh!

I tried to measure my feet, but when I tried to bend over and put it down, it put pressure in the pins in my toes, and it hurt so bad that I had to stop. Perhaps this QOTD would be better answered by me after the pins come out on February 5th. lol.
Hummie B said…
I don't think she was a robot. She half typed her name in reply, so I recognize it. I'm okay with being notified of what she said and learning.

How funny! You need someone to measure your foot for you.

Or better yet, tape the ruler to the wall, roll a chair over, and stick up your foot!
Tammy said…
10" long, 4" wide. :)
Hummie B said…
oh, I was thinking my 3 inches was wide because I have to buy 6 W shoes... but you are 4 inches, but maybe that isn't wide for a size 10.

Whoever figured out all these shoes sizes so long ago. Must have been a lot of study and work.

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