Twitter Roundup - January Week 3

Yep. I finally get to see snow this winter. Of course, my son would choose this day to come home. #perfectTiming [and then it all went away within hours!]

Jan 15 What do you mean? Thor? A cat? Coming to live with us? A cat? Mason's cat?

Jan 16 Picked up my copy of Gone Girl. Huge pile at Walmart.

Jan 16 vBulletin 5 is a piece of trash; I've wasted more of my precious time trying to fix it to no avail over months and months and more.

Jan 17 Loved that it was warm enough to take dogs for a walk today.

Jan 18 Church, lunch, & movie with the boys. Now watching son play adult rec basketball. Playing games at the kitchen table. A good day.

Jan 19 17 pretzels = 110 calories --- until little paws get too close. Lol

Jan 20 What the? There was a condom in the parking lot, used. Strange things for 500 please.

Jan 20 This map shows the amount of snow it takes to cancel school:

Jan 21 Why do children have to hurt their parents so much?

Jan 21 Your tears are precious to your heavenly Father, your suffering never wasted. (as my son who moved home moved back already)

Jan 21 Internet Explorer will be no more! Microsoft has unveiled 'Spartan,' a new browser for Windows 10 via @Techland


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