Where is the inspiration? How do I see other's layouts for challenges?

I wanted to be sure I shared on the blog what I have decided to do with your layouts.

One of the benefits of the forum was being able to see what others had done before you.  Now that the forum is going away, I want to preserve this benefit that we all enjoy.

Therefore, I am taking the time to move the layouts from the forum to the guides!  Yes, this will be time consuming, but I think it is well worth it.

In addition, I have many gigabytes of images on the server from the old gallery, many of which are duplicate of differents sizes (i.e. thumbnail size, web size, medium thumbnail).  Organizing all these images with the guides will allow me to remove all the duplicates from the server.

From here forward, any images put on the linky will be granting me permission to add to the guides also.  It may not go up immediately, but as I have time, because there are many of you and one of me!

This has always been the rules here at Hummie's World.

Please read the rules.

  • Specifically, this part "By posting or submitting content to this site, you agree that the administrators may display your content on any page of the website, but grant no further ownership or copyright privileges."

Also, for giving credit, it is much too much time to put on the page whose layout is whose, so I am including it in the name of the layout file.  Some of those in the forum are now "guests" as their forum ID is gone, so I cannot give them credit.

I've run this by several people and they really like the idea!  So I'm taking the effort to make it happen to preserve all the inspiration.

I have finished the ABC Class if you want to peek at those pages.  There are also a few other classes with random images here and there already.

I look forward to reading your comments below.


Bastet said…
Awesome job! Great for inspiration.
AMarie T said…
Great way!
Hummie B said…
Thanks all for your encouragement and affirmation. Change is hard and I appreciate your adaptability.
anitab said…
I am totally impressed! I just went over to check out the ABC's challenge layouts, and I think that is a fantastic way to share them!!

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