Backpack Album

Click on the image source link for a tutorial on how to create this backpack album.

This is Lynn's (her blog) version of the album that she posted in the HW forum.

Here are some instructions Lynn had posted in the forum.

This is about the simplest album I have made.  It is just a piece of straight cut cardstock scored and folded, to which is added (in the inside) 2 more pieces of cut and scored cardstock (decorated with papers, etc), and then on the outside, all you need is the pocket cover for the top and then some patterned paper folded in half and attached to make a front pocket. So easy yet so effective! I am sure you could do even better.

I said: First, I need something to score with! Then I need to learn how to make pocket covers! I true beginner I would be!

Lynn replied: Well, if you don't have a bone folder or scoring tool of some sort, you can always just use something you have already in the house - the end of a biro with the cap on maybe (depending how blunt/sharp that is), the writing end of a biro that has run out of ink, cutlery or whatever. You just need something that will help make a crease in your cardstock. I have been known to just fold my cardstock and then press down hard on the edge using my metal ruler! And as for pocket covers, they are sooo easy! Rectangle of paper, fold almost in half (leave about 0.5") then use the 0.5" bit to stick the two folds together, then fold the ensuing rectangle in half across the short side and you have a pocket tag! Well, I hope that explanation makes sense! Everyone is a beginner when they first start, the fun is in the learning!

I said: By Biro, you mean a pen? Does any pen work? Yes, learning is fun!

Lynn said:  Yes I meant a pen. Sorry biro is just a trade name here in the uk and we tend to use it all the time! You can't use just any pen as fountain pens, for instance, would leave ink all over the place and if you pressed really hard, you may end up breaking the nib! A bone folder (which is what you would use if you have one) looks like this:

I must admit, I hadn't a clue what they were when I first heard people talk about them! They are solid plastics type things and the end is pointed, but because the bone folder is probably about the thickness of a this ruler, it is not sharp, but you are able to get a good crease on paper without tearing or cutting the paper (unless like me you tend to be ham fisted and press down too hard) You can buy bone folders at craft shops, ebay and on amazon for around $5 or more and you can even get them cheaper if you look around.

Any pen that you use needs to be similar and I reckon the end of the top of this one would work (not the bit on the far left, that is probably too thick, but the other end on the solid black bit (not the bottom of the pen) or possibly even the writing end once the pen has run out of ink:

You could maybe even use the tip of a knife (but one that doesn't have sharp edges though as otherwise you would end up cutting the paper) so maybe a table knife used the wrong way round (i.e. hold it as you would when eating, but turn the blade the other way round so the most blunt end is on the paper). I'm all for getting creative and making do with what I have to hand!

Many people just use their hands. The only reason for using a bone folder or other tool is so you get a dent in the paper which makes it easier to fold. As long as you press down hard on the crease so you make it nice and crisp, tools aren't essential (but they are helpful). You would need to use something though to help if you were folding card stock as that is much thicker than normal paper.

Just have a rummage through your husband's tool box to see if he has anything in there that would be suitable (or your kitchen drawers!) - maybe a large screwdriver provided it is not too sharp/pointed at the end. I reckon the tip of my bamboo pen might even work, although to be honest, it would probably be better to buy a bone folder than risk wrecking my bamboo pen!

I said: Oh! You are so helpful! You are full of information. I'm sure the bone folders are inexpensive and easy to find in hobby stores. I can see even using just an old kitchen table knife on the non-serrated edge.


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