2 Corinthians 5:16 -17 The Old has passed away, new has come (& God Winks!)

Can I just say I am super excited about this Bible study! Ah! I never know what journey God is going to take me on when I begin one of these Digital Art Bible Journaling layouts.  God is always giving me encouragement and it is so awesome!

So, I have a friend that uses the term "God winks" for those times when God brings circumstances and bits of life together.  You know, those moments when you think, "only in God's timing!"

So today, with this layout, I had four God winks!  Isn't that awesome how God brings things together to teach us in His timing?!

First, this verse was chosen by HKC as the February Week 4 devotion and challenge (come join us!) which came out yesterday.  Guess what verse was used in my daily Lenten devotional yesterday?  Yep!  Same verse!  God wink!  (pstt, many of my daily blog posts relate to the devotion of the day, so join me and you'll see it!)  Some of the text on my image came from the devotional.

Second, the Digital Faith Art challenge at HKC for this week is to utilize my tutorial on Emotions and Color (Fun Extras, Lesson 10) .  Since the overall February theme at HKC has been verses on love and this theme is "love yourself" for this week, I first thought, "oh, all the layouts will be red!"  Then Tricia choose to go with green for "new growth" and rainbow for "God's attributes" in her layout.  Oh, that was cool!

So I started out thinking to myself, as the challenge is to do, before I even created my layout file, what color does this verse make me feel and what color would portray that feeling.  My first thought was yellow.  Yellow because the new me is "fresh, cheerful, happy, and full of energy."  My second thought was white for "purity" and forgiven sins.

So, as I began my study and writing all the text about my page (see my video on how I do Digital Art Bible Journaling), I found myself focused on color to influence my thoughts and how wonderful that it made some powerful and meaningful thoughts from God! This tutorial was chosen nearly two months ago and see how perfect it worked for this Bible verse!  God wink!

Here are a few of the color emotion words for you to pick out of my layout.

White: as snow, diamond, sparkle, pure, guilt free, lighter air, fresh

Yellow:  bright, cheerful, sunny side, enthusiasm, free

Purple:  perception, perspective, serenity of life

Green:  new leaf, weeded out, new life

Red:  flesh, blood, victory

So you see?  What I thought was going to be the color of my layout actually ended up being my text inspired by many colors!  The color is in the words!

Ready for the third God wink?  I set out to find a yellow and white kit, but instead I found my most recent purchase by Dawn Inskip called "A Diamond in the Rough."  I had picked it up when it was on sale the week it first came out, but I have not had a chance to scrap much since I purchased it.  I "really" wanted to use it, mostly because the background was white which went with my thoughts on white.  I had the kit open and was studying the words for "purple" and wondering why Dawn had chosen that color for her theme, which actually was already influencing my text by bringing into my text the color meaning for purple.  I think I was trying to force myself to make the kit fit because I really wanted to use it.

When, all of the sudden, I was reading a commentary in my eSword program and, guess what, it was relating this verse to a "diamond in the rough!"  What!  Wait!  You mean this verse and this kit actually go together?  Oh wait!  Yes!  I see it! Ah!  I started moving many of Dawn's word art onto the page and thinking to myself, "wow," this can only be God!  God wink!  On top of it all, I realized I didn't have to force myself to scrap the color of the kit and that the color displayed in the text was good enough!

Goodness, God sure is winking at me today and I feel all warm and fuzzy and happy!

So, for the fourth God wink, I realized the reason I had bought the kit, beyond that I love the light colors and the gesso papers, is that when I saw the girl Dawn drew, I realized it looked like me!  Yep!  With the exception of the blue eyes, it was me!  She drew me!  Ah!  I've been saying to myself lately as I've been using more and more of these people drawings and silhouettes in my Bible journaling pages that I sure wish someone would draw some of me.  So when I saw that drawing and the special price, I just knew I had to have the kit.

Even this morning, I showed my layout to my hubby and he exclaimed, "that's you!"  Yep.  Brown short hair, a little chubby, so short the sleeves are longer than the arms, big smile, loose clothes because I'm loosing weight.  Yep.  Me!  I changed the blue eyes to brown digitally and it worked.

How amazing that I was moved to purchase this kit over a week ago and that it would be perfect for my layout today.  Yep!  This verse is about the "new me" and I get to use an image that looks like me!  God wink!

God does use art and circumstances to move us to learning more about Him.  Awesome!

So hopefully, if you've read this far down my dissertation of scrapbooking God winks, you will have time to go back and read and learn more about the Bible verse and what God has been telling me through the Bible verse.  We get two lessons this morning in how perfect and wonderful God's timing is for us and in our old self becoming new.


Tricia said…
So cool all of the "coincidences" that came together for you! I love these colors and the cute character that looks like you. :) I went with a different verse than the main one in the study because I had already scrapped the original one on my blog, but the one I chose is basically the same message. The rainbow colors on my page represent God's grace, because of the first one after the ark when God promised never to flood the whole earth again. We don't deserve to be forgiven and made new - to have our sins washed away like the flood washed away all of the corruption on the earth, but by His grace, we receive it anyway.
Tricia said…
I should add that we receive it through the blood of Jesus, of course.
Patricia Rouse said…
Hummie I believe in God winks. I came across the author of a book about it on facebook years ago. Ever since I have paid close attention to the God winks in my life and others around me. It is just so wonderful to know God winks at us favorably and you're right it gives us warm fuzzy feelings all over knowing that He is speaking to us like this.
Karen Conner said…
Have never heard it called God Winks! What a great way to describe his grace/blessings! Love your page.

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