Carousel album

I found this idea on SandeKrieger's blog. The carousel is here by SevenGypsies, but I could not locate it for sale anymore.

I found an Ali Edwards post called Family Gratitude Spinner with another sample of how to use this carousel album.

This page linked to a store where it is for sale $37.99, but it shows it out of stock.

I really liked this!  I do not find anything like it out on the internet. Maybe there was something wrong with it that they discontinued it?  Can you find it?  Can you think of another way to recreate something like this?


anitab said…
That looks really cool! Actually, I think it would be neat to have one for a cookbook that is digitally scrapped!
Hummie B said…
A cookbook carousal would be cool! If I could only get my recipes scrapped. No time!

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