Dawn's Font Challenge- KG Blank Space

Hey all! Dawn here with your promised font challenge!
 I am a huge Kimberly Geswein fan. I have a lot -*ahem* like 300!?! *ahem* (sorry, must have something stuck in my throat!) of them.
 These fonts are free for personal use, but NOT for commercial use. You must obtain a commercial use license to use them in other ways. It's on my wish list to get said license, so that I can use those fonts in my word art (still working on that project!).

I wanted to not only create a new challenge, but to also highlight a challenge of Hummie's too. You know what they say.... two birds, one stone... :)

So, here's my layout for your viewing pleasure:

The font challenge is to use the font I used in the title:
This is a really versatile font to use. I used it in my title, but it could be used for journaling as well. 

I also used Hummie's Vellum Styles lesson from The Fun Extras class in the mats. the three small ones are the texture2 vellum style, the large mat under the photo I used the stripes style, and the journaling I used the normal style. Here, let me do you a favor and link you right up to the YouTube video on how to use PSD layer styles! (Isn't that nice of me?!?}

I loved working with them, and I know you will too! You can purchase them in her etsy store. Here's a closer look at them:

Be sure to check it out! And I can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm sure you'll see other font challenges from me soon!


Hummie B said…
Awwww.... thanks! That was so sweet of you to do that post!
Dawn said…
The styles were just what I needed for this layout!
AMarie T said…
Here is mine
anitab said…
Well, Dawn, I haven't counted, so I don't know how many of Kimberly Geswein's fonts I have! :)
This is a great challenge, and I already have the font . . .
Dawn said…
It's easy to stockpile up on KG fonts, isn't it? :)

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