Fitness - So Close, yet so far away!

So, I did not do too well on eating and exercise over the weekend, although on Saturday morning I reached a new low for 2015, with only 10 more pounds to go.

I did not weigh Monday morning for fear of what the scale might say.  Instead, I set my mind on kick starting this process again.  I did well yesterday.  I ate well, keeping calories down, and I got 6,636 steps on the Fitbit, which is an amazing amount for me.  I had to work really hard to get that done, especially with working three jobs yesterday and not being home much.

However, this morning the scale was not encouraging, being up 1.8 pounds since Saturday!  I must not let that discourage me and keep my focus to get this thing going again.

I'm so close, yet so far!  (Now I'm singing that song!)

We believe in tomorrow!

When I woke up this morning I felt like I was coming down with something and hubby, thinking he was so sweet to help my illness, made me a bagel with cream cheese and orange juice.  After he gave it to me, he realized he might be messing with my diet.  Uh, yeah!  That backfired and something with such good intentions felt so discouraging, not starting my day off eating what I had planned to eat.

Midday, I'm still feeling tired, but my nose is clearing up, so maybe that orange juice worked!

Today is an easier day for me with just work and then small group in my home.  I do not have to get out in the bitter cold in the dark of the night, but can relax with great company in my home.  I hope somewhere in there I can get my 5,000 to 6,000 steps.  That exercise seems to be helping me in the weight loss journey.

How are you doing on your journey?


Dawn said…
Today can be better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow. :) You can do it!
Bastet said…
Weighed again this morning (after eating, which I rarely do) and still same weight as earlier this week. So no loss or gain. Got home and was checking all the alerts on my phone and it said I was 50% there with my steps. Was really surprised and will start carrying my phone in my pocket all day. It was 5,000 steps and no effort. I went out for lunch with a friend and it was nearly 1,500 steps for that and I ordered grilled chicken salad (in line with eating plan). Feel very positive about it all today. Tomorrow night won't worry too much about what I eat as celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary on the Kookaburra Queen River Cruise on the Brisbane River.
Sending my positive energy to all.
Hummie B said…
Happy 10th anniversary Bastet! Whoo hooo! A cruise sounds like fun. I'm glad to see you are being motivated by steps.
Bastet said…
Thanks Hummie, it was a great night - there was a lot of food to try - much of it seafood which I don't eat but some very nice vegetarian stuff. Not game to weigh myself this morning as had 3 plates of food - one from the cold buffet, one from the hot buffet and one from the cake buffet. I'll get stuck in to some more housework today to try burn some of it off.
Took some photos of Brisbane from the river at night and hope to get a LO done sometime this weekend.
Thinking of getting fitbit to help track it all. How far through your fitness journey did you get yours? Did it change how you approached your fitness?
Hummie B said…
I just got my Fitbit after Christmas. It is changing how I look at things. Even if the count is not accurate, it still makes you think "oh, I get to walk upstairs" instead of "oh, I have to go upstairs." You want to get more steps so being active is a change in attitude. That's what the Fitbit does.

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