My thoughts on filling in the nest

*First published May 30, 2014
We've been working SO hard to get as much of our house organized (and cutting down on stuff) since we've became empty nesters that when I saw the fern where the bird's nest was just a few weeks ago almost filled back in, I saw the analogy.

I know it always gives me a twinge to see the house where my bedroom was growing up all changed. I wonder if my boys feel the same way when they visit our house and see the bedrooms that they knew growing up changed. I'm guessing not so much as me because boys aren't as sentimental sappy.

"These things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!"—Habakkuk 2:3 The Living Bible

Habakkuk 2:3 speaks to me today! Since we are in the "get rid of stuff and organize stage" of life, we are trying to get through it as fast as we can so we can have more time for "us."

Instead of having a to-do list every week, our to-do list might be "go for a walk, or go do this or that" and enjoy life. We are working so hard and it just seems we cannot get things done as fast as we would like to and we are exhausted and physically spent. 

Everything certainly does happen for us in God's timing and not in our own.  Although this verse most likely refers to waiting for Jesus to come again (Hebrews 10:35-37), it sure does feel applicable to anything for which we wait.

Can we just get done with all these projects and organizing! I want to enjoy more time taking photographs, blogging, cooking, gardening, scrapping, and all my many other hobbies, as well as studying God's Word and working on new relationships.

What I like the best about this season of my life is that now that the children are gone, hubby and I have more time to focus on each other and we are realizing all those little things that triggered arguments for the last 28 years, and we are learning and growing and changing. We never had the time before or the privacy to work on our own relationship. I've had a lot of revelations! What a great time to get reacquainted with the man I married so long ago.

I am seeing how true it is that couples divorce at this time of their life, but am very thankful we are both choosing to grow closer rather than further apart. 

I love that my house stays cleaner and is less cluttered.  Oh, to the son with the stinky sneakers, and oh, to the son who brought home stinky animals, and oh, to the son who left all his dirty clothes on the floor!

I have to laugh with the "I didn't do it" person that left our house because now when things mysteriously move in my house, hubby has no anonymous person to blame it on. Giggle.

What I like least about this time is that two of my three children, and my grandchild, live so far away that I do not get to experience much of their life at all anymore. Being sons, they don't communicate well, not even taking time to share many things in their life with me. I think a daughter might be different. 

One son is in town, so we spend a time doing for him with his new home or we'll get together to eat out, and sometimes I feel guilty because I do like to keep things even that I do for each child and now that is not the case. I used to take great strides to treat them all equally and it worked as they never had sibling rivalry. Now I have to tell myself "it's okay" and retrain my thinking.

One wise lady once told me that it is hard to see each stage of our life go by, but the next stage is always as great as the one before.  So far, she was spot on right!


Tammy said…
Enjoyed reading your words today, Hummie!
raccoonhill said…
You really nailed what you are experiencing and feeling about the passages of life. It was like looking into a mirror reflecting our empty nest stage of life. Once again changes are in the process for my husband and I, some good and some not so good, but we face them gratefully as one more adventure we can share with each other.
Hummie B said…
It is helpful for me to see this Bible verse again today! We are STILL trying to find time to finish our organizing. Plus, this verse is also a great reminder to me today for this weight plateau I've hit that is lasting an entire month.
Tricia said…
We're in a similar boat, I think, as far as the empty nest needing to be organized, etc. My issue isn't time and energy, but the decision-making process of what to do with the excess stuff that accumulated over the years. If I knew for sure if we will ever have grandchildren, that would help because if not, then pretty much all of the kids' childhood stuff could be donated, right? It doesn't sound like you're a pack rat like I am--I'm always worried that something I toss will be needed the next day. LOL

I have found that if I ask myself if that is the way I would treat Jesus, it helps me treat my husband the way he deserves. Since he is the head of the household as Jesus is the Head of the Church, I look at him as my earthly example of Jesus and "practice" serving him as I would Jesus if he were physically here. I'm sure most people would think it's way too old-fashioned or even smacking of a cult, but it's really just Biblical. (This is easy for me, though, because my hubby is the best in the whole world!)

A diet tip: Sometimes your body will say "enough of this famine" and start conserving energy in order to survive. LOL You might be able to snap out of it by eating a bit more temporarily. I don't know exactly what steps you're taking, but my hubby and I each lost 20 pounds last year (yes, it took the ENTIRE year) by cutting out simple carbs. We still eat fruits, veggies, and dairy, but no pasta, bread, soda, sweets, rice, chips, etc. We don't do any artificial sweeteners, as I don't think they're good for you. We try to avoid GMOs wherever possible, too.

Last tidbit to share: I know you hate FB, but I have found that some family members ONLY communicate on there. If you don't do FB, then you miss out. Period. They have improved it tremendously as far as being able to set the privacy of each post, "hide" people you don't want to offend by unfriending, but don't enjoy their posts, or hide sources of shared posts you don't like, etc. I'm not trying to talk you into it, but if your family is like mine, it might help you to stay in the loop better (with your DILs and pics, at least, even if your sons also don't do FB.)
Hummie B said…
Thanks Tricia!

Yep, I'm thinking I need to do something different to diet. I think I need to do a different type of exercise or anything to send different messages to my body.

Regarding Facebook, I do personal Facebook and keep up with my family, but my sons and daughter-in-law do not post on Facebook! They use it less than I do! I just do not do anything on public pages or groups. I keep it to the private realm and my own public page.

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