Question of the day...charged?

Today is National Battery Day.
Do you use rechargeable batteries? Or do you keep a stash of disposable batteries in your refrigerator? Or do you have to run to the store when the batteries stop working?


Hummie B said…
We keep a stash of batteries in the desk drawer. The boys used to go through them and not tell us and then we were dashing to the store! Now that we are empty nesters our stash works just fine.
Tammy said…
We have rechargeable batteries here. They're constantly being rotated and as long as the boys remember to put them in the charger and plug it in, it works out really well. :)
We have a battery box that we store our batteries in. It has spaces for every dice of battery, so I can easily see what needs to be replaced, when empty. We don't use recharagable batteries. One of these days things will be recharged via Wi-Fi.
Maggie Adair said…
I prefer rechargeable but do use non rechargeable too

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