Question of the day...first impressions...

How important are first impressions to you? Do you generally make a good first impression or a bad one?


The older I become, perhaps I become more wise. As a young person, first impressions seemed to have high importance. Of course, they are important for job interviews, etc. but now, I try to look and feel people at a deeper level, who they are at a spiritual level. Where their heart is.

I try to be very open and upbeat in my interactions with others, but I don't try to make a "good impression". I belong to Jesus, so I hope that people see God's watermark on my heart. It's all I am.
Hummie B said…
Another thought provoking question, Tammy. I always think I give a bad impression. I'm always worried about what people think and that in turn makes me stand-offish and reserved and not myself.

I think my heart for others though is very open and I do not create first impressions. I suppose I do sometimes at work though because I can often tell right away who is going to be a "high maintenance" client and who is not. That doesn't mean I treat them any different though. It just means I psych myself up for it!

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