Reason 329! Ah! A #digiscrap layout & Template 103 Challenge

Valentines 2015
(click on image to go to Flickr for credits)
Here is my layout that I made and converted into Template 103!  Whoo hooo!  If you use this template, please upload it to the gallery and link it to the linky on the blog. We'd love to see what you do with it.

If you want, I invite you to do all the templates, but just one or two here or there is great too. This is the template host page.

Download Template 103 (.tiff file only in square and rectangle)
(link good until I move template to my Etsy store)


Tammy said…
Thank you, Hummie! Love your layout!!

Mine is here.
AMarie T said…
Very interesting template. Thanks!
anitab said…
Thank you for the template Hummie. What a happy and fun memory - it makes me smile! And it makes me remember a wedding reception - I told me husband that my son said that there is so much oil in Brazil nuts that you can burn them, so Steve and his friend set fire to some of the Brazil nuts. What my son didn't tell me is that a burning Brazil nuts smells AWFUL! :)
Maggie Adair said…
Thanks Hummie. Love your layout. Your hubby sounds like a very funny man :)

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