Twitter Round-up | February Week 1

Feb 1 What's wrong with this cross/ #humblebrag (popular hashtag) Philippians 2:3 (Pastor @johndehne sermon)

Feb 1 Aunt Nancy passed away this morning. Praying for peace & comfort for family.

Feb 1 Worked 8 hours preparing for new class to teach tomorrow.

Feb 1 Tuning into SuperBowl on my laptop: (because we "cut the cord" earlier this week. #thankful

Feb 1 The #superbowl snuggle. Tizzy was snuggling my face, laying on my arm, & jealous Ria squeezed in between. #dogs

Feb 1 Peek! I see you Miss Tizzy! #toyfoxterrier #dog #dogs #DogsofTwitter 

Feb 2 What a long day!  Worked, taught a new class in the evening on iPhones, and then cleaned office.

Feb 3 Funeral and out-of-town company for dinner today.  Busy day!

Feb 4 Look at these fun "packing peanuts" - delighting in little things today.

Feb 4 I have two new sample teas to try. Eeny meeny miney moe-- which would you try ? 

Feb 4 Worked all day then cleaned office in the evening

Feb 5 Insurer Anthem Reveals Hack of 80 Million Accounts - Yikes! I have that insurance!

Feb 5 Under Armour buys My Fitness Pal for $475 million! and running app Endomond for $85 million! Not sure what to think about that.

Feb 5 Worked all day and then taught amazing wonderful night class Photoshop Elements.

Feb 6 Look! Signs of Spring!!! The plants know!! 

Feb 6 Worked all day then cleaned office, now to work on taxes.

Feb 6 Whoa!!! My laptop restarted to this!! What do you think it is trying to tell me? Lol

Feb 7 Finally finished my taxes; I spent hours into the wee morning hours compiling data first.

Feb 7 Why do the parents sit in the car at the playground and watch the play? Just because it's windy? Something wrong with it when I see you

Feb 7 Enjoyed the 61 degrees and sunshine! Park walk today. Too windy though. Wind made lake waves that were fun.

Feb 7 Shopping dogs!

Feb 7 Todays warmth is record warmth for many areas. #mowx

Feb 7 The Bar! Loving our experience so far. #gonegirl where's Batman? :0)

Feb 7 Look! Could it be batman? @oldguycomedy This Batman is off duty lol

Feb 7 The Bar signature burger and wedges. There goes my diet ! @GoneGirlMovie


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