A prayer layout for human trafficking

Amanda from Altered Amanda Studio had it placed on her heart to support a charity/mission, as well as to become actively involved in a solution to human trafficking.

When I pondered what layout to make on the topic of human trafficking, I was drawn first to how I felt helpless in that these girls and women are unseen.  I think of the phrase "out of sight, out of mind."  These unseen, hidden from the general public, worldly problems often not thought of just because they are not in our face.  Of course, we can always support efforts for various causes financially, even if not physically, but even if we cannot do that, we can always pray.

Oh, and I made this layout using one of my white papers.  If you want to scraplift the part of my layout where the tree is partly above and partly below the rounded rectangle shape, you can easily make the shape by using the rounded rectangle shape and a radius of 176 px to create the border.


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