Altered Books - Share your knowledge with us

Have you ever done an "altered book?" Some day I am going to try it! They always looks SO cool!

Please comment and share your knowledge with us.

What is an altered book? Basically, you take any book and recover the pages. It can be a new book or an old book. I believe books with more cardboard like pages are easier to work with, but any book would do. I believe the children's books made for infants with the hard pages are the best.

However, if you want to give them as gifts, purchasing a notebook with blank paper inside and just doing the outside is a good option.

The above book was shared in the forum. I cannot tell who to credit as the account now says "guest." I think her first name is Dawn.

Here is some of the information shared:

I will share how I did it. First I used PSE to arrange the swirls and butterflies, then I printed that out on a transparency. I printed out a background paper from the same kit on photo quality inkjet paper (matte). I cut the paper and transparency to fit my notebook. I measured and cut paper for the spine and attached that first, then attached the background paper, then the transparency on top of that. (I actually used my zyron to attach adhesive to each piece, not glue). I added the ribbon with the tag on it on top of everything. I used a circle punch to cut circles from paper to use as the tabs on the side. Now the reason I printed the butterflies and swirls on the transparency instead of just on top of the background paper was because I wanted it to be sturdy and hold up under handling, and plus it protects the paper underneath. I had to do the paper separate because if I put that on the transparency also, you would have seen the ugly black from the notebook under it.

Question: You say you printed on matte paper, but what thick was it? Is it photo paper?

OK, the box of paper I have states this on it: Presentation Paper, formerly Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper
It is not a photo paper really. I think just brighter maybe? To give you an idea on the thickness, my regular printer paper I use is 24 lb. and this stuff is 27 lb., so it is about the same, just slightly thicker. I have used regular printer paper to print things off on also, but the best thing to do is to make sure all the texture and everything comes out on the print by printing at best photo setting on the printer.


Bastet said…
I have wanted to give this a go but can't face what I see as defacing a book (I love books). The blank notebook option might work for me but then I don't really see it as different to other scrapbooking. I'll think some more on it. How do other people see this topic?
Karen Conner said…
I have been working on one. You gesso a couple of pages -frt & back, then cut a few pages out. This allows the book not to get so thick. It takes time-have to let gesso dry in between pages or they will stick together.
I've only finished the front! Here's a link:
Hummie B said…
Karen, thanks for sharing. It's gorgeous! I see it was your first last March 2014. I never thought of removing pages to help with the thickness of the covers. Great tip! I seem to love gesso. I bought some to play with while making my papers for the Blending Mode class. I love gesso digital scrapbooking papers and elements too. I need to play with it more.

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