Arrow Prayer: Jesus & Genes

Arrow prayer 3/3/15:  Lord, just some months ago there was a terrible Ebola scare, especially when it came to the U.S.  Everyone had their eyes on reports of an "almost there" vaccine, racing with the clock to save people. Would it be available if it spread and we got ill?  Where are the progress reports on the vaccine now?  We hear nothing of it.  Then there was the super bug and all the children dying in hospitals, and so many other media reports that I wonder if they were meant to alarm for the sake of getting views or whether there was any truth.  These germs and bugs and bad things cannot be discounted, but we sure could use an extra dose of wisdom and discernment as to whether we need to really consider action for ourselves.  Now there are news reports out about sheltering and protecting our children too much from germs and refraining from giving them certain foods as being bad.  It seems there is always something that we are not doing right.  One day it is good for us.  The next day it is bad for us.  What are we too believe?  Thank You for the opportunity for prayer, Lord.  Yes, germs are everywhere, but so are You!  You are always here with us.  I would much rather focus on You than on all these germ news reports. I'll let the medical professionals handle the germs.  Thanks for bringing that into focus today, Lord.


anitab said…
I like this prayer! You've addressed something that I have thought of, and you've prayed about it - which is what we need to do - thank you!

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