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An InLinkz Link-up

As always (see rules), by adding your image, you give permission for me to add your images to the guide pages.  Only the small web version is used.
1.  Link to Flickr or Google+ or a blog post on linky.
2.  ONLY add links to layouts of lessons or challenges at Hummie's World.  You can add any layouts to the gallery, of course.
3.  Begin title with the lesson/challenge name & number.

I very much enjoy all who post comments and chatter on the blog. You make my day.


Hummie B said…
Happy Monday morning all! Where did the weekend go? We have beautiful weather here. Hubby and I spent a lot of time outdoors at both our house and our son's house cleaning out all the dead leaves in the yard and flower beds. Everything looks so much better. It's outdoor Spring cleaning time!
Hummie B said…
Do you want Tammy to keep doing the QOTD? Fewer seem to be commenting.

Would you rather have them every other day or every 3 days?
Hummie B said…
Progress update on figures. Not as much progress lately, but slow and steady wins the race.

519 class threads
134 resource threads
92 credit threads (please delete your credit thread when you finish moving over your credits


Terry said…
If the QOTD gets fewer comments daily, how about doing it once a week? That would maybe give time for those that don't visit as often?

Sorry...I posted that last chatter comments on the wrong week. This is the first time I visited since you went to the blogger so I'm having a bit of difficulty finding things.
Tammy said…
Happy Tuesday! :) The sun is trying really hard to peak through and there's little tiny bit of blue sky, but I think those grey clouds are going to win out today.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!
Hummie B said…
I got 10,000 steps yesterday! I took dogs for a nice long walk after work and the day was beautiful. We are supposed to get bad rains and then turn cold again, so I wanted to enjoy it while I could.

I should learn today whether or not I have to begin teaching another class on Thursday nights. I'm anxious to know. I need to either gear up for it and start prep work, and be happy for another paycheck, or relax and feel blessed for a break.
Hummie B said…
I want to scrap tonight, but just cannot seem to get inspired on what to scrap. I've got that mojo problem I guess. We've all hit it.

I feel like I should do something for new content, but I don't know what. Always my hang up.

I did start my own credit thread today and could go find a challenge to do that I haven't done.

But I'm also wanting to keep working on editing guide pages and moving stuff. I cannot seem to switch gears.

I think I'm feeling overwhelmed again.

Also, I keep trying to exercise and that takes so much time. I got over 10,000 steps yesterday, but am at a little over 8,500 for today. Get up and run more, scrap, say hey, only stupid people want to start something at 9 p.m.?

470 class threads
127 resource threads
92 credit threads

Tammy said…
You're getting there, Hummie!!! Thanks for all you're doing. :)

It's Wednesday. Homeschooling, laundry, and hopefully scrapping.
Hummie B said…
Yeah for scrapping, Tammy!

It looks like I will have Thursday free to get some stuff done! Whoo hoo! I really have been over-worked with 4 jobs and everything else.

Did you see all the new challenges I got up in last 12 hours? Inspired from good stuff in the forum. And I even scrapped this morning! Felt good!

Tammy said…
I did and I'm highlighting them as "need to do" on the nifty challenge spreadsheet. :)
Hummie B said…
Wow? HJ Heinz buys Kraft to build a $28 billion food giant. Most often do not like when companies merge. Do you?
Hummie B said…
That spreadsheet is nifty, Tammy! It's a big plus and I wish more would get theirs. I started mine last night and then went to my OneNotes to find the "Themed Thursday" to-do's for me to delete them, and did not find that note, but found some others that inspired me. Isn't it fun how we get inspired?
Hummie B said…
Progress update.

Tammy was gracious enough to help me get the credits out of the forum. They are all on a document now linked to the credits and awards page. So that is 92 less threads!

120 Resource threads
423 Class Threads
TOTAL: 543

Closer, ever closer!
Tammy said…
You can do it, Hummie!!! :)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.
Hummie B said…
Thanks Tammy,

Happy Thursday everyone! TGITH!

I hope to scrap my Circle Book of my town tonight. I have a free night, but should go to the photography club meeting, but may just opt for that free night!

Guess what! All this running in place, I'm back down to my low weight of some weeks ago. I only held it two days back then, so this is it! I cannot give up! I need to stay here and loose just another few tenths and I can declare my plateau broken!

So I have to juggle my free time between to-do's and getting exercise and right now this exercise is important to me. Time consuming, but I just got to do this!
Hummie B said…
TGIF! Whoo hooo!

What is everyone doing this weekend?

I think we are going to try to go to our son's house to paint and clean his bathrooms. And grocery shop.

I forgot to report my progress yesterday, so these numbers include some of today's work too.

115 Resource threads
331 class threads

At least I'm under 500!

79 class threads are the course 1 layout suggestion threads for 8A. I started with 150 last week. I had 90 this morning.

Have you seen the new link to those pages in the sidebar of the website? I have 18 pages of them so far. It's a bummer all of those that I did and took a long time to write only for the person to not come back and reply at all, or much less do an after layout. So those I am not keeping unless they have an after layout.

Lots of memories going through all these threads!
Tammy said…
Good job, Hummie. It'll all be over soon!!! I like the feel of the blog. :) It's nice.

Don't know what's going on this weekend, yet. I think my man is working tomorrow, so I'll probably scrap.

Today it's homeschooling, laundry, changing bed sheets and whatever else I decide to do.
Hummie B said…
Tammy, you should come up with a new challenge for us. :)

I can stick it in one of the classes (ie. quote, title, scraplift, etc.)

I'm glad you like the feel of the blog. I like consolidated. One less place to visit.

I cannot believe it just snowed here!

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