First Digital Scrapbooking Site Closing

I just had to grab this and blog it for memory keeping sake.

I got a screen shot of the date I joined SBB.  I find this strange since my digi-birthday is May 31, 2005.  I joined SBB in March before my first layout?  That doesn't seem to fit with my memory, but hey, maybe I did out of curiosity and then it took a few months before I kicked myself into gear.

I'm so sad to read about the closing!

I feel guilty for not visiting and participating and buying.

The first digi site every can't close!

Amy has always been so wonderful. What a pioneer!

I have a lot of fond memories of SBB and a lot of layouts with products from SBB I'm fond of.

I'm trying to hang on myself to my site as I love this hobby, and I think everyone knows where I"m at, so please do come and visit me and chat on my blog sometime, keep in touch. Or I'll see you out and about in the digiland.


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