Fun Challenge! Where in the World is Hummie's World?

Where in the world is Hummie's World?

It is whereever you are at!

This challenge is now Assorted Challenge 36.  Anyone can do it and the more that do it, the more fun.

Download the graphic and print it out on letter size paper. I suggest card stock or photo paper to make it stiffer, but any white paper will work.

Wherever you are at, take a photo of you holding the graphic. Reduce it to 600 px and upload to share

We will then post your pin for you on our map, including your photo. The map is in the sidebar of the site, but can also be found here.

Take your photo in your own home if you want low effort. Or drive to a location that says something about your location and take a photo showing the background.

You may submit multiple graphics. Keep the graphic in your car when you travel and take photos wherever you go. We put a sticky note on our graphic so we could replace it with a new location at a later time. More sticky notes and a marker, along with the graphic, in a plastic baggie make it handy at any time in my car.

I hope everyone joins us! It will be more fun the more locations all over the world that we see Hummie's World.

*first posted September 26, 2011


AMarie T said…
May you check my location on the map please, Hummie ?

It could be good for you to learn a liitle bit of geography! Giggle.
Hummie B said…
rotfl Yes, I learn geography today! (for those that missed it, it was in chatter today).

I marked it on the map, but will have to wait to add your image until later when I get it on the guide page.

I love this challenge! So fun to see someone doing it again.

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