Game - A collective story

HLet's have some fun by writing a collective story. Oh, the twists and turns that can be!

In your post, simply add three words (only!) to the the story.

Here is the compiled story so far which began on 03-17-2008....

Hummie's World Collective Story

The excited digital scrapbooker said "If I could just get this thing tied to a bronzed tag, I could almost tie it to a big pink pig sticker." Now I can glue a black circle to a yellow elephant with a rope to dangle over the edge. I can tear, but I won't. Instead I will sleep for about an hour or so, and run to the hospital to take some photos of my beautiful black left foot, which I hurt kicking my hard drive, because my silly yellow elephant wouldn't resize correctly, but I am getting much better at recoloring objects when they are yellow. After all, yellow is the color of sunshine and smiles.

So then, I called my very best scrapping friend to tell her how exciting it could be when I find my long lost digital camera that hasn't been seen since I dropped it in the toilet when I sneezed unrepentantly when a feather from the sky came to land near the big orange and bounced off into the very area that is a big no-no.

So, i took a big no-no from my bag and smacked the heck out of my left toe. It really hurt and I cried and cursed, and threw a broken big no-no at the poor mouse in the house who was only a smelly round ball of cheese.

The cat saw a yellow bird fly into a sticky web of huge spider webs that were bigger than a big old bundle of coat hangers! The spider ran to Hummie's underwear drawer and exclaimed: "Oh, it's almost empty!" He rushed to Underwear Hero's room to get a megaphone to yell to the crazy Underwear Hero, "Help!! I need you to do laundry! I'm running out of the feminine items that I wear to go tinkle in undies. Please don't look!" It all depends on how the underwear hero does with finding me stock in underwear. Have to buy a huge amount!

Someday I will have enough to buy my own underwear so that I can keep the underwear hero happy and not always doing the dirty underwear! He now can rub my back and tell jokes without me totally always begging him. So he will cuddle with me and not be turned on so much that he makes a move that could hurt my sensuous body. Oh, well here he is, and he is working to behave like a hurt, crashed pitiful human being that no longer wants to be tethered to his wife's undies drawer.

The day was turning out to be very unusual! Big creepy blobs have begun to appear on his windshield, and the car was making no progress towards trying to start. So, they went to Hummie's house to find a bowl of jello so that they could have fun by taking it up the steps and into the new family room to have some pink bubble gum and chew it for a contest to see who had the best bubble gum jello blowing ability.

Hummie got jello all over Abbie and the poor dog began licking herself, and swallowed the gum/jello. Then, burped a huge, big fat bubble and started floating high in the air and out of the door until suddenly, a strong wind came and blew poor Abbie straight into a fuzzy squirrel. The squirrel ran into the box in great fright! "Huh?" Said the squirrel.

He then jumped from the box into Dawn's window. She did not wait to scream, and wet her pants, but no one saw it, so she just called the underwear hero to bring her some new extra fancy panties. She has a date to sing a song for Hummie and Hubby, who were soooo looking forward to a private audience of eight grungy cats and themselves.

So this is my aidience tonight, who meowed and yelled for more, because they liked what they heard. Then they had a big party!! After the party, they all decided to go down the street to the coffee shop for some caffeine!

At the shop, They met Dawn (Miner), and she asked "What are we going to do for fun today?" Let's go to the zoo, and take lots of photos of all the animals, then we can watch the monkeys run around like Belle33 chasing racoons! Oh, and Belle was running around with her underwear so she had to go hide behind a tree, until the big handsome "oldguy" came to save her and take her to Dawn's house since it's close.

Dawn wanted to jump for joy and shout out loud "Today is a great day to sit in my zero gravity chair with my laptop and just relax." But then the laptop overheated, and blew up spontaneously. The chair flew into the window, breaking the beautiful decorated glass mirror that was sitting on top of the bathroom counter, and rolled on the floor, but the Underwear Hero was able to catch the chair in the bra which matched the framed photo.

The bra broke and everything came rolling out much to the irritation of the dolphin it was sitting next to. So the Underwear Hero grabbed the dolphin and took it to the hot tub for some rest and a drink of water because the wine was drunk for the lack of other drink by the side of the hot tub. Today was a day to start over and think about going back to the place where dolphins swim together in perfect harmony. So Dawn helped to gather together the whole bundle of the huge number of tiny pieces of broken glass fragments that wafted from the nearby window of sweet scented flowers and then she sang to the the forum gremlin to get him to be very happy to go to the exotic island where he can relax on the warm sand at the beach.

The forum gremlin yanked out a pillow and started hitting seagulls to chase them away. But instead they called the dolphins to make money dancing in the water with hats on and yet there were no waves. Dolphins swam away to a magical land full of munchkins dressed in Orange polka dotted socks, danced....

......WHAT'S NEXT!  ..... carry on in the comments


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