GAME: True or False

Answer the statement above your post with "true" or "false" and then ask a question.


Hummie B said…
Mountain Dew is better than 7-up.
charlenereeves said…
Mountain Dew is #1
MiniCooper452 said…
Let's see if I get this.....

False (never been able to do the Dew)

Flowers are better embellishments than stitching.
Terry said… least for me as flowers are easier to use than getting out needle and thread (and these days as the eyes get older, it's much harder to thread that eye :))

Web surfing can be very addictive!
Jody Taylor said…
Never had or seen Mountain Dew. so I would have to vote for 7up. I dont think we get it over here anymore.. I have not seen it in many years.
Hummie B said…
Some did not leave something for the next person. :)

So, back to MiniCooper's (Carla's):
Flowers are better embellishments than stitching.

False (but a good question, I couldn't decide!)

Today is a beautiful day outside.
False, it's raining a mighty rain today, and the wind is blustery and cold.

Rainy days are good days to put something in the crockpot!
Hummie B said…
True! comfort food!

Spring flowers bring such joy.

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