Give me your opinion on HBO; Monthly subscription coming soon

I would love to read your opinion of HBO shows and movies.  You will recall that we recently "cut the cord" on our cable.  We have been very happy since that action with our choice.

Using Hulu Plus and the CBS monthly payment has provided all that we need in our TV watching for a lot less money.

HBO's online streaming service emerged on Wednesday, including that it will be called "HBO Now" and cost $15 per month.  The launch date has not been announced, but it is expected within the next month or so.

I'm not ready to add another cost to our t.v. watching right now, but I am curious if the shows are worth paying $15 per month.  In the summer, new episodes of my favorite shows take a break and this might be something we would enjoy during the summer months.

It seems more and more are jumping onto the cutting cord bandwagon!  I would never consider paying for HBO along with my cable.  We just could not afford it.  Now that they are offering it separately, maybe they will get a slice of our income pie.  It's a smart move for TV channels to have their own subscriptions.

Let me know your opinion! 


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