Google Photos Now Added to Google Drive

Whoa! Two changes to Google in one day!  First the change to Google Contacts and now the change to Google Photos.

You will recall I recently blogged about Google Plus changing to Google Stream and Google Photos.  This must be part of the anticipated changes.

When I logged into Google Drive I received an alert that Google Photos would now be a part of Google Drive.  My four recent uploads to my blog are now shown on Google Photos.

I know a lot of people were not happy with how Google changed Picasa by converting it to Google Plus, and many did not click the button to move them to Google Plus because it just seemed much too confusing.

Here is the help page linked under "Learn more" on my screen shot above.  It all seems like a good change.  I am a little hesitant to click to move the photos because all of my photos are those that are posted on my blog and uploaded via Blogger.  These photos are supposed to be unlimited storage.  Will they now count towards my Google Drive storage limits?

Also, they have never been on my hard drive before and moving them to Drive would also put them on my laptop, I believe, which might be good to have them backed up that way, but then again.

"If you delete photos or videos from Google Drive, they will also be deleted from Google+. If you delete photos or videos from Google+, they will also be deleted from Google Drive."  That is nice, but I hope I would not accidentally delete something that I wanted on my blog.

I really wish they were just in one place and not two, but maybe this is a transition to the new Google Stream.

I clicked.  I might as well learn what it is all about.  Yep, I'm an adventurer.


grambie said…
Thanks for the info. I was also waiting to see what they would come up with before I moved my photos. I thought the original allotted space was too small. I will be watching because it was your blogging that made me use Picaso, and I loved it. Keep up the good works. Hugs.

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