Google+ to Become Google Stream & Google Photos

Thanks to Kelly who tweeted to me this Yahoo article about Google Plus.  I'm passing along the information to the HW blog readers.

As much as I like Google+ because, unlike Facebook (which seems to keep everything, especially if someone has liked or shared it), it seems when I delete something, it stays deleted, I do get tired of Google always changing its products and keeping up with the changes.  On the other hand, I give them credit where something is not working, to continue on to something new to see if it will work better.  

I am aware that the majority of folks to do not like or use G+, which always baffles me because there are currently 21,148 members in the Google+ Digital Scrapbooking community.

I think the "unfounded in my opinion" privacy scare was what did Google+ in.  A product cannot recover from a bad reputation spread on the internet.

I will be looking forward with interest to see how this Google Stream and Google Photos develop and hope it is something that will stick around.  

I know there are those people who did not like the way Google+ handled the Picassa photos and many did not move over because of the way the photos were managed.  I know it confused me!  I don't use Picassa other than the blog photos are uploaded to it, but really they are uploaded to Google+, but really just confusing.  I tried to use the Google+ photos, really tried, but even I could not grasp it well. It seemed "too" simple.  Google does have a reputation of keeping things clean and simple, but sometimes it can be too clean with not enough options.  I hope that this new Google Photos brings everything together into something more logical and usable.

I am curious about Google Stream as it sounds like it will be similar to Google Plus, but just a changed interface.  What will happen to the groups?  

My most important question though is what will happen to Blogger?  I depend on Blogger and it has never really changed much, other than the interface, which means it must be a good thing, but I really am scared of any way it might be integrated with Google Stream.

We'll all just sit back and wait, I guess.  We are in Google's mercy of ever changing products.


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