Keeping track of credits now on Google Docs | Please move yours

Some of us who have been playing with the new credit system are very excited about it.  We hope you will be too.

Tammy was so wonderful in helping me to create the Google Document.  She had some great ideas I would not have thought.  She spent a long time working with me.  Dawn created hers to test our system and that showed us some other things we needed to tweek.  I think we are ready now to have everyone move over.

What we love about it is that it shows not only what we have done, but what we have not done.  Everything is so clear and organized.

We will also be adding our award icons to our Google document.  It is so easy to do and there are instructions right on the Google document.

In addition, there is a cool chat box on the Google document!  We can schedule a time to meet if you need individualized tutoring.

Isn't there so much great about this new system?

To read more and get a link to see the documents, please visit the Awards page.  To get your own credit document, email me your gmail address.

*Originally posted 3/16/15


Patricia Rouse said…
I want my credits doc please
Hummie B said…
Pat, please email me your gmail. The forum is SO slow I cannot even get to the admin to get your email address at the moment.

I'm so frustrated.

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