NEW Assorted Challenge #39 (freebie!) - Just scrap! I would love to see your layout

This was previously a challenge in January 2014, but I have placed it permanently on Assorted Challenge #39.  I invite you to do just this challenge or all of the assorted challenges.  Just upload and add your link to the blog linky. You can use any products.  We are a no fuss, no muss, no excused, "just scrap" digi-site.

There is a free download on the class guide page.  Everything in my layout below is in the download.

Sleepy Girls 2013
Here is my layout so you can see what is in today's download.

I'm anxious to see your sleepy layouts! I'm imagining some rather adorable photos!

*Challenge first posted 1/2/14


Bev said…
Can you post a direct link to the download? I have several adorable sleeping pictures to scrap.
Hummie B said…
Bev, click on the link in my text in my blog post to the #39 guide challenge. The direct link to the download is on that page, where it will be permanently with the challenge.

You can see other layouts already there too.

I would love to see you participate and see your layout.
Patricia Rouse said…
Hummie, I keep getting an error message file not found. I didn't have that problem with the groundhog challenge download file. I've tried everything I can think of but can't get to any download link to the kit. I love the colors and wanted to use those in my layout.
Bev said…
Okay, I found the link. However, I am getting File not found error message that Patricia is also getting.
Hummie B said…
Oh my goodness, I apologize! What a bad link. I have fixed it.

I look forward to seeing your layouts.
Maggie Adair said…
Enjoyed this challenge although I found it - well, a challenge. Anyway got it done. Might need some tweaking later

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