Playing Pac-Man on the Streets of My Home Town on Google Maps

This is so much fun! For April Fool's Day, Google has enabled a Pac-Man that let's us play on any street!  Just go to Google Maps.  Search for a location in your city, or any city.  I went to Capaha Park in Cape Girardeau.  Click the little Pac-Man icon at the bottom of the page.

I was confused at first because when Pac-Man went off the edge of the map, I could not get him back!  Then I realized he would come in somewhere else on the map on another edge!  Ah!

You use your mouse to move Pac-Man around.

Game play notes (for those who have forgotten, like me!):
Collect all of the tiny white dots called "pellets" to complete a level

Eat one of the larger "power pellets" to turn the ghosts blue and give you a small amount of time to chase them down and gobble them up

Apparently, I've gotten worse at this game as I've gotten older.  Or maybe I was never that good at it!

Have you tried it?  Share what location is fun for you.


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