Praying together as Digibuddies

I typed out this prayer yesterday in an email as I prayed it.  For those that know me, I do not like to respond to internet prayer requests as "praying" or "in my prayers" because I do not trust myself to remember to pray! I prefer to bless the other person by typing out my prayer as I pray right then or to type "bowing my head right now" and then really stopping for a moment and praying right then and there.  I know when I read others prayers for me, or I hear people praying for me as we pray together, the Spirit moves me and I feel blessed.

Won't you pray with me for this digibuddy of ours whose sister is near death?  Please leave a comment.

I used Altered Amanda Studio's charity kit called Girlfriends for this and I thought it was beautiful and easily put together.  See m y first blog post about this kit for more information and previews.

And more prayers . . .

This is a Facebook post by my cousin.  At the same time as Tammy's sister is turning to hospice for help, so is my Uncle Bob.  My heart is breaking right now.

I lost my granddaughter in November, Aunt Norma in January, Aunt Nancy in February, Uncle Jerry in March, and now God is calling home my Uncle Bob.  This has been a really rough few months, but all the while, God is holding us tight through the journey.


Tammy said…
Thank you, Hummie!!!! Hugs. :)

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